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Usage Notes
Please carry out the thermal design with sufficient margin such that the power dissipation will not be exceeded, based
on the conditions of power supply, load and surrounding temperature.
Although indicated also in the column of the maximum rating, the maximum rating becomes an instant and the
marginal value which must not exceed. It sufficiently evaluates, and I use-wish-do so that it may not exceed certainly.
Moreover, don't impress neither voltage nor current to PIN which is not indicated. It may destroy in both cases.
Please pay attention in the pattern layout in order to prevent damage due to short circuit between pins.
In addition , for the pin configuration, please refer to the
Please absolutely do not mount the LSI in the reverse direction on to the printed-circuit-board.
It damaged when the electricity is turned on.
Please do a visual inspection on the printed-circuit-board before turning on the power supply, otherwise damage
might happen due to problems such as a solder-bridge between the pins of the semiconductor device.
Also perform a full technical verification on the assembly quality, because the same damage possibly can happen
due to conductive substances, such as solder ball, that adhere to the LSI during transportation.
Please take notice in the use of this product that it might break or occasionally smoke when an abnormal state occurs
such as output pin-power supply pin short, output pin-GND short, or output-to-output-pin short (load short).
And, safety measures such as an installation of fuses are recommended because the extent of the above-mentioned
damage and smoke emission will depend on the current capability of the power supply.
When using the LSI for model deployment or new products, perform fully the safety verification including
the long-turn reliability for each product.
Pin Descriptions.

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