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ADC08060CIMTX/NOPB Datasheet

Download or read online National Semiconductor ADC08060CIMTX/NOPB IC CONVERTER A/D 8-BIT 24-TSSOP pdf datasheet.

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8-Bit, 20 MSPS to 60 MSPS, 1.3 mW/MSPS A/D Converter
with Internal Sample-and-Hold
General Description
The ADC08060 is a low-power, 8-bit, monolithic analog-to-
digital converter with an on-chip track-and-hold circuit. Opti-
mized for low cost, low power, small size and ease of use, this
product operates at conversion rates of 20 MSPS to 70 MSPS
with outstanding dynamic performance over its full operating
range while consuming just 1.3 mW per MHz of clock fre-
quency. That's just 78 mW of power at 60 MSPS. Raising the
PD pin puts the ADC08060 into a Power Down mode where
it consumes just 1 mW.
The unique architecture achieves 7.5 Effective Bits with
25 MHz input frequency. The excellent DC and AC charac-
teristics of this device, together with its low power consump-
tion and single +3V supply operation, make it ideally suited
for many imaging and communications applications, including
use in portable equipment. Furthermore, the ADC08060 is
resistant to latch-up and the outputs are short-circuit proof.
The top and bottom of the ADC08060's reference ladder are
available for connections, enabling a wide range of input pos-
sibilities. The digital outputs are TTL/CMOS compatible with
a separate output power supply pin to support interfacing with
3V or 2.5V logic. The output coding is straight binary and the
digital inputs (CLK and PD) are TTL/CMOS compatible.
The ADC08060 is offered in a 24-lead plastic package
(TSSOP) and is specified over the industrial temperature
range of −40°C to +85°C.
Pin Configuration
© 2008 National Semiconductor Corporation
Single-ended input
Internal sample-and-hold function
Low voltage (single +3V) operation
Small package
Power-down feature
Key Specifications
Maximum sampling frequency
No missing codes
Power Consumption
— Operating
— Power Down Mode
Digital imaging systems
Communication systems
Portable instrumentation
Viterbi decoders
Set-top boxes
February 8, 2008
8 bits
60 MSPS (min)
0.4 LSB (typ)
7.5 bits (typ) at f
= 25 MHz
−60 dB (typ)
1.3 mW/MSPS (typ)
1 mW (typ)
Specifications of National Semiconductor ADC08060CIMTX/NOPB
Data Interface:
Mounting Type:
Surface Mount
Number Of Bits:
Number Of Converters:
Operating Temperature:
-40°C ~ 85°C
Package / Case:
24-TSSOP (0.173", 4.40mm Width)
Power Dissipation (max):
Sampling Rate (per Second):
Voltage Supply Source:
Single Supply
Other Names:

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... PD) are TTL/CMOS compatible. The ADC08060 is offered in a 24-lead plastic package (TSSOP) and is specified over the industrial temperature range of 40°C to 85°C. Pin Configuration © 2008 National Semiconductor Corporation Features Single-ended input Internal sample-and-hold function ■ ...

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Ordering Information Order Number ADC08060CIMT ADC08060CIMTX Block Diagram Pin Descriptions and Equivalent Circuits Pin No. Symbol Temperature Range 40°C T 85°C A 40°C ...

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Pin No. Symbol CLK 13 thru 16 and D0D7 19 thru GND GND AGND Equivalent Circuit Power Down ...

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... Absolute Maximum Ratings If Military/Aerospace specified devices are required, please contact the National Semiconductor Sales Office/ Distributors for availability and specifications. Supply Voltage ( Driver Supply Voltage ( Voltage on Any Input or Output Pin Reference Voltage ( CLK, OE Voltage Range Digital Output Voltage (V ...

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Symbol Parameter CLK, PD DIGITAL INPUT CHARACTERISTICS V Logical High Input Voltage IH V Logical Low Input Voltage IL I Logical High Input Current IH I Logical Low Input Current IL C Logic Input Capacitance IN DIGITAL OUTPUT CHARACTERISTICS V ...

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Symbol Parameter I DRI Total Operating Current Power Consumption PSRR Power Supply Rejection Ratio 1 PSRR Power Supply Rejection Ratio 2 AC ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS f Maximum Conversion Rate C1 f Minimum Conversion Rate C2 t Minimum ...

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Typical Performance Characteristics stated INL INL vs. Supply Voltage DNL 3V MHz CLK INL vs. Temperature 20006208 INL vs. Sample Rate 20006215 DNL vs. Temperature 20006209 ...

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DNL vs. Supply Voltage SNR vs. Temperature SNR vs. Sample Rate DNL vs. Sample Rate 20006218 SNR vs. Supply Voltage 20006220 SNR vs. Input Frequency 20006212 8 20006211 20006221 20006223 ...

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SNR vs. Clock Duty Cycle 20006224 Distortion vs. Supply Voltage 20006226 Distortion vs. Input Frequency 20006228 Distortion vs. Temperature Distortion vs. Sample Rate Distortion vs. Clock Duty Cycle 9 20006225 20006213 20006229 ...

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SINAD/ENOB vs. Temperature SINAD/ENOB vs. Sample Rate SINAD/ENOB vs. Input Frequency SINAD/ENOB vs. Supply Voltage 20006230 SINAD/ENOB vs. Clock Duty Cycle 20006216 Power Consumption vs. Sample Rate 20006239 10 20006238 20006240 20006219 ...

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Spectral Response @ f 10.1 MHz IN 20006244 Intermodulation Distortion (IMD) 20006242 Spectral Response @ MHz IN 20006245 ...

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Specification Definitions APERTURE (SAMPLING) DELAY is that time required after the fall of the clock input for the sampling switch to open. The Sample/Hold circuit effectively stops capturing the input sig- nal and goes into the hold mode t AD ...

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Timing Diagram Functional Description The ADC08060 uses a new, unique architecture that achieves over 7.4 effective bits at input frequencies MHz. The analog input signal that is within the voltage range set by V and V is ...

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FIGURE 2. Simple, low component count reference biasing. Because of the ladder and external resistor tolerances, the reference voltage can vary too much for some applications. FIGURE 3. Driving the reference to force desired values requires driving with a low ...

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THE ANALOG INPUT The analog input of the ADC08060 is a switch followed by an integrator. The input capacitance changes with the clock lev- el, appearing when the clock is low, and 4 pF when the ...

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The ADC supplies should be the same supply used for other analog circuitry. No pin should ever have a voltage on it that is in excess of the supply voltage or below ground by more than 300 ...

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FIGURE 5. Layout Example 6.0 DYNAMIC PERFORMANCE The ADC08060 is a.c. tested and its dynamic performance is guaranteed. To meet the published specifications, the clock source driving the CLK input must exhibit less than 10 ps (rms) of jitter. For ...

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Physical Dimensions NOTES: UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED REFERENCE JEDEC REGISTRATION mo-153, VARIATION AD, DATED 7/93. inches (millimeters) unless otherwise noted 24-Lead Package TC Order Number ADC08060CIMT NS Package Number MTC24 18 ...

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Notes 19 ...

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... For more National Semiconductor product information and proven design tools, visit the following Web sites at: Products Amplifiers Audio Clock Conditioners Data Converters Displays Ethernet Interface LVDS Power Management Switching Regulators LDOs www ...

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