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AN34078A Datasheet

Download or read online Panasonic Corporation AN34078A 1-CHANNEL POWER SUPPLY SUPPORT CKT, PSMA5 pdf datasheet.

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Part No.
Package Code No.
Publication date: May 2011
Ver. AEB
Specifications of Panasonic Corporation AN34078A
Mfr Package Description:
Package Shape:
Package Style:
Terminal Form:
Terminal Position:
Number of Functions:
Number of Terminals:
Package Body Material:
Temperature Grade:
Number of Channels:
Analog IC - Other Type:
Operating Temperature-Max:
75 Cel
Operating Temperature-Min:
-25 Cel
Supply Voltage-Max (Vsup):
3.6 V
Supply Voltage-Min (Vsup):
2.7 V
Supply Voltage-Nom (Vsup):
3 V

Summary of Contents

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... DATA SHEET Part No. Package Code No. Publication date: May 2011 AN34078A SMINI-5DE Ver. AEB 1 ...

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... AN34078A Overview . 3 Features … ...

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... AN34078A AN34078A High Side Switch with built in 1.8 V internal regulator Overview AN34078A is a power management IC with selectable Load Switch & internal 1.8 V Regulator. Features Miniature-package Pin control to set VOUT to 1 VCC Applications Memory card slot Package 5 pin Plastic Small Surface Mount Package (SMINI Type) ...

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... AN34078A Application Circuit Example (Block Diagram) VCC 5 3 VCC 130 kΩ 1 EN1 470 kΩ 130 kΩ 3 EN2 470 kΩ Notes) This application circuit is an example. The operation of mass production set is not guaranteed. Perform enough evaluation and verification on the design of mass production set. ...

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... AN34078A Pin Descriptions Pin No. Pin name 1 EN1 2 GND 3 EN2 4 VOUT 5 VCC Power supply Type Input Enable pin 1 Ground Signal Ground Input Enable pin 2 Output Signal output Input voltage Ver. AEB Description 5 ...

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... AN34078A Absolute Maximum Ratings Note) Absolute maximum ratings are limit values which do not result in damages to this IC, and IC operation is not guaranteed at these limit values. A No. Parameter 1 Supply Voltage 2 Load Current 3 Power Dissipation 4 Operating Ambient Temperature 5 Storage Temperature Notes The values under the condition not exceeding the above absolute maximum ratings and the power dissipation. ...

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... AN34078A Electrical Characteristics 25°C±2°C unless otherwise specified. Note Parameter No. Consumption Current Characteristics 1 Standby current Quiescent current 1 2 (Switch Mode) Quiescent current 2 3 (Regulator Mode) High Side Switch Characteristic 4 ON Resistance Condition : Connect an external ceramic capacitor (Capacitance : 1.0 μF, ESR : 0.1 Ω or less) ...

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... AN34078A Control Pin Mode Table Note) See parameters No.9 to No.12 in the Electrical Characteristics for control voltage retention ranges. Pin No. Description 1 EN1 3 EN2 Pin voltage Low High Standby Active standby when control voltage is Low Switch Mode : VOUT V Switch mode Regulator mode Regulator mode : VOUT V Ver ...

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... AN34078A Technical Data Operation sequence Note) The characteristics listed below are reference values derived from the design of the IC and are not guaranteed. 1) Standby mode Switch mode Standby mode 3 EN1 EN2 VOUT Standby mode Switch mode Regulator mode Standby mode 3 ...

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... AN34078A Technical Data I/O block circuit diagrams and pin function descriptions Note) The characteristics listed below are reference values derived from the design of the IC and are not guaranteed. Pin Waveform No. and voltage Typ. 3.0 V) Internal circuit ...

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... AN34078A Technical Data (continued) ⎯ diagram D a Ver. AEB 11 ...

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... AN34078A Usage Notes Special attention and precaution in using 1. This IC is intended to be used for general electronic equipment [Memory card slot]. Consult our sales staff in advance for information on the following applications: Special applications in which exceptional quality and reliability are required the failure or malfunction of this IC may directly jeopardize life or harm the human body ...

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... The technical information described in this book is intended only to show the main characteristics and application circuit examples of the products. No license is granted in and to any intellectual property right or other right owned by Panasonic Corporation or any other company. Therefore, no responsibility is assumed by our company as to the infringement upon any such right owned by any other company which may arise as a result of the use of technical information described in this book ...

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