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72929 Datasheet

Download or read online Pomona Electronics 72929 Mini SMD Grabber Test Clip Lead with 4mm Jack pdf datasheet.

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SMD Grabber Test Clip (Pomona 72906) with 20
Inch(50cm) lead
4mm Jack for easy attachment to DMM leads.
Grabber End:
Insulation: Polyamide
Jaws: Steel
Jack End:
Insulation: Polypropylene
Socket Body: Nickel plated Brass
Ordering Information
Model: 72929-20-Color
Black (-0) or Red (-2)
USA: Sales: 800-490-2361 Technical Support: 800-241-
Fax: 888-403-3360
Europe: 31-(0) 40 2675 150
International: 425-446-5500
Where to Buy:
Models 72929
Mini SMD Grabber Test Clip Lead with 4mm Jack
Max Current Admissible
Voltage; Max - Tension
70Vrms max. For CE compliance: Not intended for hand-
held use at voltages above 33Vrms/70Vdc
All dimensions are in inches. Tolerances (except noted): .xx = ±.02” (,51 mm),
.xxx = ± .005” (,127 mm). All specifications are to the latest revisions.
Specifications are subject to change without notice. Registered trademarks
are the property of their respective companies.
Copyright © 2004 2/2006
33 V AC / 70 V DC
hands free testing in controlled environment:
72929 Rev A
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